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In an effort to cut auto repair costs, many insurance companies are specifying the use of imitation crash parts. These parts are not made by the vehicle's manufacturer, but instead are made in Taiwan, Korea, or China.

Direct Repair Shops are shops contracted to repair vehicles with parts/procedures dictated by the referring insurance company. Most are required to use imitation parts in the repair process. Failure to do so may result in their removal from the insurance company's "list."

Consumer Reports recently featured a story which detailed an intensive study of these parts. Their tests found imitation parts to be inferior to the OEM (original equipment manufactured) parts in areas of crashworthiness, rust resistance and fit.

Here's General Motors' Resale Value Survey relating to vehicles repaired with imitation parts.

If you've been in an auto accident and the insurance company specifies the use of imitation parts on your vehicle, defend your rights! Demand properly fitting, crash-tested, original equipment replacement parts.

Remember: You are NOT required to have your vehicle repaired by an insurance-referred shop.

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