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Dispute Settlement
Collision !
A Few Important Facts You May Not Be Aware of ...

Having an accident is bad enough. You certainly don't need additional aggravation when it comes to your vehicle repairs.

An auto accident is an unexpected occurrence. After all, we're all "safe" drivers, right?

But accidents do happen. And after an accident, we sometimes fall victim to just plain bad advice -- often from those we thought were there to help us, our insurance company!

Now I'm not "anti-insurance" by any means. We need them to assist us after an accident, fire or injury. But we want them to treat us fairly when we submit a claim to be paid, right?

The problem is that some insurance companies use this claim opportunity to take advantage of our "lack of knowledge" when it comes to claims procedures.

They often attempt to "steer" us to a repair shop of their choice; one who has agreed to repair your vehicle with parts and procedures dictated by the insurance company. These are called Direct Repair Programs.

If you call your agent or insurance claims center and are told that a particular Autobody Repair Center isn't on "their list" of "preferred" or "recommended" shops, you should know the real reason why ...

I Decline Involvement in Them!

You see, most of these programs are centered on cost-cutting techniques and use of substandard aftermarket parts , NOT quality OEM standards.

Instead of becoming part of a direct repair contract with an insurance company, I have made the decision and commitment to continue working with the best interest of our clients in mind "that's you". Short-cutting of a repair and using aftermarket parts dictated by an insurance company isn't on the schedule at most Autobody Repair Centers!


I have assembled this web site to shed some light on an often misunderstood subject, Do you know your rights after an auto accident?. This usually involves understanding the politics and procedures carried out in insurance claims process. If you have a question, concern or need further assistance with your claim, please contact us. We are committed to assisting you in every way possible.

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